Essay on Life in a Big City: Life in a big city is means you have lớn indulge in the daily hustle. You have lớn match the fast pace of the city. Otherwise, you will be lost in the crowd. Apart from this, a big city offers you a lot of tư vấn for living a comfortable life. Thus, it is all about making the right balance in the modern town.

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Long and Short Essay on Life in a Big city for Students & Kids in English

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Long Essay on Life in a Big thành phố 500 Words in English

Life in a Big thành phố Essay is usually given to lớn classes 7, 8, 9, & 10.

A big đô thị has a lot on offer for you to make your life a pleasant experience. However, as you know, good things never come easy, so, khổng lồ reap the perks of đô thị life, you have khổng lồ make sure lớn work hard at the same pace as it runs. Hence, people work lượt thích a machine lớn fulfill their dreams & be successful.

Moreover, people experience a lot of competition in big cities khổng lồ achieve their life’s goal. Whether a business owner or an employee both struggle to lớn be at par and earn more fame as well as money. They all have lớn match the pace of life to lớn let the ends meet. A good life in a big city is almost impossible unless you are well settled. Also, you will hardly get any free and peaceful time in such cities as you have to hustle consistently.

You will see there is a great rush of traffic at peak hours of the morning as well as evening. It is not easy to cửa hàng around in the markets because they are bustling with the crowd always. The parks are full, and the metro is congested. These thickly populated cities even go through housing problems, which is even increasing every passing day. All this seldom gives the residents of the big thành phố any peaceful moment.

Further, essentials are so expensive that the middle-class families also lead a miserable life. Due to a high rate of population, demand for resources arises. As a result, you will find every product adulterated, ranging from milk, ghee, và oil to pulses. Pollution is another harsh reality of metropolitan cities. Air and water both are impure that create an unhealthy living environment.

On the contrary, life in a big thành phố is a comfortable & convenient choice too. It is a place for luxury abundant of technology, entertainment, job opportunities, advanced education, và medical facilities. Undoubtedly, a big city is the best place to lớn reside if your pockets are full of money.

There are oodles of recreational activities available in metro cities like gardens, amusement parks, restaurants, or clubs. You can hang out there with your family or friends. You will celebrate festivals here with more pomp và show. Additionally, there are fewer social issues when you live in big cities than in villages or small towns.

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Make sure to lớn never give up. Moreover, make the right choices, have an organized life in which you don’t hurt nature. Also, take out some time for your loved ones lớn maintain the relationship. After all, you are working hard to live a satisfying life with them not to get detached from them. Indeed you have to lớn work hard for better living in a big đô thị but without losing other precious things in life.


Short Essay on Life in a Big đô thị 150 Words in English

Life in a Big city Essay is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

When you desire luxury in life you choose lớn live in a big city. You will enjoy several perks and facilities when you are earning well. You can’t have a difficult life here as you’ll find good schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, & travel conveniences. Also, job security & advanced facilities make life easy in big cities.

However, the big has some issues as well. First of all, everyone is in a hurry in these regions. Work-life is so hectic that parents don’t get time for their kids. Besides, in our efforts to lớn have an advanced life, we are destroying the nature around us. People are cutting trees lớn build more houses & factories. As a result, it leads to lớn increased air & water pollution. There is also too much traffic that again affects the atmosphere. Hence, Life in a Big đô thị is pleasurable yet difficult. It’s up lớn you how prepared you are lớn fight with the tough life of the city.

10 Lines on Life in a Big city Essay in English

A big city comes with a wide range of facilities that make your life convenient.It is an example of modern civilization that attracts lots of people.You will find several job opportunities in a big city.Cleanliness showroom ons to lớn the beauty of thành phố life.Better transportation lets you travel wherever you wish comfortably. However, high traffic on the road means reaching late at your destination.The cities are densely populated, which makes it difficult for people to roam around.There is a critical pollution problem that is severely hurting the environment in these regions.Houses are scarce and costly in such a thành phố because of an increasing migrant population.Most of the products are costly, which makes it hard to lớn live here.Metro cities have both good & bad sides, so you have lớn decide what you can adapt khổng lồ for a happy living.

FAQ’s on Life in a Big đô thị Essay

Question 1. What facilities vị you get in a big city?

Answer:A big đô thị is full of facilities such as schools, universities, libraries, transports, telecommunications, hospitals, malls, restaurants, theaters, big markets, etc.

Question 2. Can I easily get a job in a big city?

Answer: There are no doubt several job opportunities in metro cities. But it can become quite challenging lớn secure a position instantly due to lớn high job demands.

Question 3. Why is there too much population in a big city?

Answer:Due to modern amenities và factories, people come here either khổng lồ enjoy a comfortable life or khổng lồ earn better that increases the population of the city.

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Question 4. Is it beneficial lớn live in a big city?

Answer: Yes, it is if you have good earning & want all the luxuries. But it will be difficult for middle-class people to survive here because of the high costs.