Bài Viết Về Môn Học Yêu Thích Bằng Tiếng Anh


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thucdemcungban.vn trình làng tới các bạn hệ thống tự vựng giờ Anh về các môn học, kết cấu câu khi nói tới thích môn học nào đó bằng tiếng Anh. Dường như là các bài viết tiếng Anh về môn học ái mộ mà chúng ta có thể tham khảo nhằm luyện viết tiếng Anh trên nh

thucdemcungban.vn reviews tới chúng ta hệ thống từ vựng giờ đồng hồ Anh về những môn học, kết cấu câu khi nói tới thích môn học tập nào đó bởi tiếng Anh. Dường như là các bài viết giờ đồng hồ Anh về môn học yêu thích mà bạn có thể tham khảo để luyện viết tiếng Anh tận nhà nhé.


Cách viết bài bác về môn học hâm mộ bằng giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. Trường đoản cú vựng giờ Anh và chủng loại câu khi nói về thích môn học tập nào đó

Các môn học bởi tiếng Anh

- Art: nghệ thuật

- Classics: văn hóa cổ điển (thời Hy Lạp và La Mã)

- Drama: kịch

- Fine art: mỹ thuật

- History: kế hoạch sử

- History of art: lịch sử dân tộc nghệ thuật

- Literature (French literature, English literature, v.v...): văn học (văn học tập Pháp, văn học tập Anh, v.v.)

- Modern languages: ngữ điệu hiện đại

- Music: âm nhạc

- Philosophy: triết học

- Theology: thần học

- Astronomy: thiên văn học

- Biology: sinh học

- Chemistry: hóa học

- Computer science: tin học

- Dentistry: các nha khoa học

- Engineering: kỹ thuật

- Geology: địa chất học

- Medicine: y học

- Physics: vật dụng lý

- Science: khoa học

- Veterinary medicine: thú y học

- Archaeology: khảo cổ học

- Economics: tài chính học

- truyền thông media studies: phân tích truyền thông

- Politics: thiết yếu trị học

- Psychology: tâm lý học

- Social studies: nghiên cứu xã hội

- Sociology: thôn hội học

- Accountancy: kế toán

- Architecture: bản vẽ xây dựng học

- Business studies: sale học

- Geography: địa lý

- Design & technology: kiến thiết và công nghệ

- Maths (viết tắt của mathematics): môn toán

- Nursing: môn điều dưỡng

- PE (viết tắt của physical education): thể dục

- Religious studies: tôn giáo học

- Sex education: giáo dục giới tính

Mẫu câu nói tới thích môn học tập nào đó

- In my không lấy phí time, I…: Vào thời gian rảnh rỗi, mình….

- When I have some spare time, I… khi mình có thời hạn rảnh, mình…

- When I get the time, I… lúc mình gồm thời gian, mình…

- I’m interested in (+ noun / gerund): mình muốn (+danh trường đoản cú / danh đụng từ)

- I’m keen on (+ noun / gerund): mình thích (+danh tự / danh hễ từ)

- I’m into (+ noun / gerund): Tớ mê mệt (+danh trường đoản cú / danh cồn từ)

- I enjoy (+ noun / gerund): mình muốn (+danh từ bỏ / danh rượu cồn từ)


Luyện tập viết tiếng Anh mỗi ngày

2. Các bài viết tiếng Anh về môn học tập yêu thích

Bài 1:

I learn many subjects in school. But the one I enjoy learning is History.

History tells us how people lived ages ago. It also tells us how men had to struggle khổng lồ make the world a better place lớn live. Many pupils, however, vì chưng not lượt thích to read History. They say that there are too many names & dates to lớn remember. But they vị not understand that if we do not know about the past, we can not understand the present properly. In fact, only a study of History will make us realize that everything we vì today is the result of what our grandfathers and others before them did in the past. So, History is the long story, we learn many interesting things.

I love history so much that i have a lot of history books in my house. Some day, i might even write a history book myself.

Bài 2:

My favourite subject in school is English. It is quite easy và pleasant lớn study it. English is used in each field of life and it is useful lớn know it.

Most of website sides are in English. It is nice khổng lồ be able lớn use such a sides like yahoo, msn & english Wikipedia. I can get a lot of information & news, which are not available on polish sides.

I can use english books & magazines. Sometimes I like to tải về e-books & magazines in pdf. It is effectively way lớn study English in home. Using English I can communicate with many peoples. I can use Skype và ICQ to talk and chat and get new contacts. I can use many applications & play games. I have used Windows XP & Office for two months và it was quite easy. Most of movies are in English. I like to watch them without subtitles. If I can I always switch the polish dubbing off ? I hate it.

The last advantage khổng lồ know English is I can talk with all people talking English. This holidays when I was in Gdańsk somebody asked all people: ?Do you speak English?? Everybody talked ?No? và ?Nie wiem o teo chodzi.?. When she came to me and asked the question ?Do you speak English?? I could say ?Yes, how can I help you?? She told ?How can I get lớn the bus station?? I told ?Can you see this building? The station is behind it. Please go this way?. She smiled khổng lồ me & walked away. I was happy that I could help.

As you can see English is useful in life. All of us study it in everyday situations & activities. The language is quite simple & logic. I use it all the time. This is why I lượt thích English and it is my favourite subject in school

Bài 3:

My favorite subject in school is Mathematics. It is my favorite because I never have difficulty with it & always get good marks in tests.

I suppose I am lucky to lớn be born with a clear-thinking brain. So ever since young, manipulating numbers and figures came easy lớn me.

The wonderful thing about Mathematics is that, besides some formulae, there is nothing else to remember. Every step in solving a problem is done logically. Other subjects lượt thích History và Geography require a lot of memory work. Remembering dates & other facts is hard work compared with the ease & simplicity of mathematical reasoning.

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While Mathematics is simple to lớn me, some of my friends have great difficulty with it. I vì chưng not really understand why. They get stuck with simple problems and often give up. So I help them out when I can.

The one advantage I have in being good in Mathematics is that I vì not have to spend a lot of time on it. Homework and tests are a breeze. So I have plenty of time left over to study other subjects. Sometimes I feel sorry for my less fortunate classmates who get scolded in class for not completing their Mathematics homework.

Anyhow I have come to lớn realize that human beings can be so different in their abilities while they look similar otherwise. Some of us are lucky khổng lồ be good in some things. Others may not be so lucky.

Bài 4:

When I was in High school, my favorite subject was the Korean Literature. Most friends of mine used to fall asleep in the class because they felt the subject was boring and old-fashioned. However, my eyes were widened & I felt excited as the Literature class has started. I thought the subject was leading me lớn the new world that I had never experienced before in my life.

Through the reading of variety genre of the Literature, I could feel my ancestor's life & culture in the specific era. Especially in old poem, I noticed their values such as loyalty khổng lồ the nation, religious attitudes influenced by shamanism, Buddhism & Confucianism. Moreover, people started to write an essay which is more narrative & descriptive based on their usual life. Through the reading, I could feel their sorrow, happiness và depicted love of nature và man. For me, it was fascinated khổng lồ find out someone's feeling through out the short piece of the Literature.

As well as reading and analyzing others' masterpieces, my teacher, Mrs. Lee asked us lớn create some of the writing based on the characters of the Literature that we learned in the class. Sometime, I pretended to lớn be a soldier who was filled with loyalty towards the Kingdom & described my emotions in the short poem. In addition, she made us khổng lồ write a love letter to lớn the main characters in the Literature. At the first time, students including me complained to lớn the teacher because we were not familiar with the work. However, through the writing processing, I learned & practiced how to lớn imagine other people's status and emotions.

Reading and writing process in the Korean Literature subject was one of my communication way lớn the world & history. I could access khổng lồ various styles of Literature in different ages from old times khổng lồ the modern ages. It always refreshed my thoughts và feelings during the school years.

Bài 5:

Of all the subjects taught in school, I like Geography best. It is the only subject which teaches me everything I need khổng lồ know about the world we live in, for example, vegetation, way of life of people, climate, agriculture và economy.

I learn about the countries around Malaysia & in other parts of the world and, since I cannot visit & see for myself every country in the world, I get at least a good picture of these countries by studying Geography.I am very interested in finding out more about other countries especially those that experience snow when winter comes. I often wonder about the life of the people in these countries. What would it be lượt thích to be dressed in thick clothes và boots và living in snow-covered houses amidst fir trees?Then, there are the hot desert lands that stretch for miles & miles without a tree in sight. They, too, fascinate me. I marvel at the inhabitants who are able to lớn tolerate the intense heat of the burning sun, traveling along miles of barren, hot land on camels where the only vegetation found would be the few palm trees growing at an oasis.The wide range of food which we enjoy daily such as butter, cheese, fruits, bread that comes from wheat & many others lead me on khổng lồ find out how they are processed & imported into Malaysia & finally make their appearance in our homes.

As I study more in Geography, I understand better the changes in weather conditions, for example, why there are hot & dry seasons or cool rainy days during the monsoon season & how deserts are caused.

Những bài viết giờ đồng hồ Anh về môn học tập yêu thích mà shop chúng tôi giới thiệu sinh hoạt trên hy vọng sẽ là mối cung cấp tài liệu tham khảo có lợi cho chúng ta khi học viết giờ Anh. Các bạn yêu phù hợp môn học nào thì có thể sử dụng phần đa từ vựng giờ Anh phía bên trên để viết thành bài hoàn chỉnh. Comment dưới để được các giáo viên của Trung trung ương sửa bài bác nhé.

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